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Similes Activity

I absolutely LOVE teaching similes and metaphors because I love using music in instruction.  The hard part is getting kids to use them in writing. That will be another post.  
I introduce similes by using Whole Brain Teaching. We "mirror" the definition and "teach-ok" with our partners.  Our definition was simple: "A simile compares two things using like or as." After they have said the definition, not really understanding what they are saying, I show them a couple of written examples. We are just in the introduction stage.
I go to music examples next.  I LOVE this new song I found this year by Lenka called "Everything at Once." The kids picked up on it right away and now sound like the Texas Boys' Choir singing it!  I mean they sound absolutely amazing!!   It was right after the song that they understood what the definition meant! They could explain it and give examples on their own. To solidify what we learned, we made a simple foldable.  We've practiced the song in the days following.  They absolutely remember what they've learned!  

Fold manila paper in fourths
Cut out one of the fourths.

Fold the single fourth down and write "Similes" on the cover flap.  Write the first part of the simile on the cover. For example,  "Silly as a..."
Fold over the right flap and finish the simile, such as "monkey" to finish my simile.  Illustrate the simile on on the back of the cover flap. 
Write a sentence using the simile on the inside half.  "My little brother is silly as a monkey."
Here are some finished examples:
Cover of foldable
Cover lifted up, illustration and finished simile.
Inside half of foldable contains a sentence using the simile. 
"Slow as a snail"
Sentence containing the simile. 

Here is a link to my Free Simile Foldable (in my TpT store, link on the right) in case my pictures don't make sense! I used manila paper, but a printed copy will work as well.  
Simile Freebie!
Simile Freebie!


Teaching metaphors was easy after they understood similes.  We used the lyrics from the song, "Red", by Taylor Swift

Click {HERE}
It has similes and metaphors. This is an entire unit that has many activities to help your students engage in the activities.  
Please leave comments and tell me how you teach similes/metaphors!  I'd love to hear your ideas shared here! 


  1. What a great idea! I plan to use the foldable with my students as soon as we get back from our break. Keep them coming!

    1. I'm so glad you liked the foldable. It was so quick that some of my kids did several of them. We glued them into our spirals after I took a grade.


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