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Five for Friday 5/9/14

Doodle Bugs Teaching Five For Friday!

Teacher Appreciation Week!

We (teachers) have had the best week! I hope you have too.  Our PTA sends a note home the week before TAW.  It kinda gives the kids an idea of what they can do. One day the kids make us something, the next, bring a flower, and then candy one day. It's really sweet.  Our PTA does a nice lunch for us on Friday, but they are already decorating.  It's a western theme (imagine that - in Texas.)  There is a wall with a wanted poster of every staff member in the school.  The kids are getting the biggest kick out of that.  We are wanted for really funny stuff like pulling too many teeth or smiling too much.  Thank you Chipotle for the BOGO!!

I hope you all had a fabulous week and felt very 

My New Favorite Brain Breaks!
I may be the last to know this stuff, but I haven't heard this talked about much where I am, so I'm gonna share!  Have you tried www.gonoodle.com? It's soooo much fun.  I'm not really sure how our district was signed up with this, but it would be worth the effort to see if you can sign up.  The kids are really into Go Noodle!  I think it's going to be a great resource for short moments between activities or when we need a good, physical brain break!  We did a yoga activity today.  LOVED IT.  There is some interesting research supporting brain breaks, and I will say, one of the best results I see is overall happiness and excitement for learning.  I'm excited to use Go Noodle the rest of the year and next!

Dancing our hearts out!


Our Mother's Day Breakfast is 5/9...

and we are READY.  A trip to Costco in the pouring rain on Thursday, and we have our goodies ready to place on trays today at 7:00 AM, and moms/kids arrive at 7:30!  Our desks are decorated with MOM-WOW, Poetry books and a cute little "All About My Mom" page  (did you know most of our moms weigh an average around 45 pounds each? That is "WOW.")  I will tell you really quickly about the MOM-WOW art.  We use a block letter pattern with all the letters attached to each other.  Flip it upside down and over, and you have "WOW."  The kids decorate both sides! 
MOM/WOW, Poetry Books, and tables ready for breakfast today!
Moms and kids enjoying breakfast!

Reading Fair Projects 

...were due this week.  I ordered the backboards way back in March and the kids had over a month to complete the project. They dissected a chapter book they had read, searching out all story elements and figurative language.  They displayed their findings on a board and created some great backgrounds!  I think they had fun, especially presenting them.  They are displayed in our library! 
Reading Fair Projects! 

Level:  Application

How often do we get to a level of application and go beyond a worksheet?  So often my kids show me what they know by answering questions or working problems and letting me analyze what they know by grading it.  It works, but even better, this week we wrote our own multiplication and division word problems. Well that was an eye-opener! Addition and subtraction problems were MUCH easier.  We got some good questions written, and I'm convinced we need to do this ALOT more.  
Writing multiplication and division problems. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!  Have a fabulous weekend!! 

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