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Poetry Unit with Similes and Metaphors - ala Taylor Swift!

I have created a music/poetry unit for Similes and Metaphors using Taylor Swift's "Red" which is jam-packed with figurative language.  The product has detailed lesson plan ideas as well as several group/partner activities.   I'm thinking this would be perfect for an evaluation!  Happy, happy, happy summer!!
It is available at either of my stores:  TPT  or Buy Sell Teach

{HERE} on TPT or {HERE} on Buy Sell Teach!

Students come in, get a sticky note and post their thoughts on the idea of music/poetry.

This part is a pre-made activity for groups/partners or individuals to sort similes and metaphors (and some neithers!)

Students analyze meanings from the colors metaphors in the song and then brainstorm some of their own color/feeling ideas.

You will love using music with your students because they are so engaged! 

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