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Webquest Awesomeness!

Mini webquests are perfect for third graders.  I used them just before the break to get the kids out of their seats and work on some fun activities...learning included in the fun! When I have my students do webquests, I usually set the background information up in the form of a mini-lesson.  I have had them complete a KWL chart or just write a question or two in their journals to assess prior knowledge. Many times in social studies, they have never heard of the people we are studying (or they are confused about who they are.)  These webquests could set your students on the journey to more research about a person you are studying.  They are also awesome for small groups where the groups could read about the person, then collaborate on answers together.  Anytime I get the iPads out, there is excitement in the room!  We had so much fun with this the last time, I know they will be excited for these new quests!  You can find my new Mini-Biography Webquests {HERE}or {HERE}
My students love to get on the floor with an iPad and work together!

Kids scan the QR code and it takes them right to the website!  If you don't have devices to scan codes, no worries, just have the students type in the provided website.  (It's good practice in being careful!) 

Or {HERE} to see my new store at Buy Sell Teach

There are five different quests in the set! 
Find it also here at Buy Sell Teach

My kids said, "Hey, this is like a scavenger hunt!"  Yep, they loved it! 

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  1. Our district has very, very few iPads. We do, however, have new laptop carts! I think I might need to incorporate webquests. I haven't done it in the past, because our technology was woefully lacking! Thanks for the ideas. I'm now following your store. Have a wonderful holiday.
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