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Socratic Seminars for Primary Students

Is anyone out there using Socratic seminars successfully with their primary grade class? I'm working on the format with my class right now.  We are discussing how to talk to each other and what to ask, when to talk and not talk, and how to be respectful and disagree.  I'm convinced these are life skills with comprehension as a benefit.  When we can help our kids connect to their reading in a deeper way, there is no doubt that they are learning how to read better.  I am also convinced that this type of exercise is beneficial to student comprehension and higher level thinking.  Our students love to talk.  Our ELL's need to talk and hear language in an academic setting.  There is a connection between oral language and comprehension.  Here is the idea behind allowing kids to use oral language at every opportunity:

Socratic seminars allow students that much needed oral language opportunity.  My product is a guide to getting started.  The questioning strategies are endless, but there are lots of ideas to help you. There is a video link in the package (not of me...someone way more experienced at Socratic seminars) which I found really helpful as well as a power point that my principal found that I really liked. Hope you like the product - found {HERE}! 

I'd love to hear how you conduct your Socratic seminars, even if it's with older kids.   Happy talking!!

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  1. I recently purchased this and I am really excited to get started. My plan is to use with 2nd grade gifted students!


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