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Kind Words

One day this past year I decided I was tired of certain kids being unkind to one another on a daily basis! We seemed to be caught in a vicious cycle.  Someone would insult someone, then another insult was said, then they were both standing in front of me, sad and hurt. I decided it was time to try to fix this and get them into some better habits! That’s when I grabbed some library pockets (that I bought because they were cute!) and invented “Kind Words.” Some days we didn’t use it, then someone would go back there and write something and others would follow. It was a miracle! I hope it works for you!

Kids are lined up to give those compliments!  It was a big hit!  They were allowed them to go up when finished with morning work.

Imagine...a line of kids just waiting to be kind to one another! 
 I used basic library pockets for the kids to put their notes in.
 Try my cards to give your kids prompts for their compliments!  There is a page of blank cards so they can be creative! 
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There need to be some guidelines set up so that only kind things are said in order build each other up!  There are 7 different prompts to choose from including a blank set for the kids to create their own!


  1. I love this, hey you might like what I do with my students, It is called Bucket Filling! I am going to you use your idea with mine, a match made to go together. Thanks for sharing.Here is the link for the books and the link for the website.

    1. Hi Teresa! I have seen that book! It does sound like it would go together!! Thanks! Julie


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