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Webquests...Your Best Tech Activity for 2017

"Webquest" is flagged by with Spell Check because it's actually a new word.  It is a fabulous way to fit more than one subject into your ELA block while they read informational text.  It holds students accountable, allows them freedom to explore a site, requires them to read carefully, answer questions (you are in control of the level!!), and use a QR code. Advanced groups may begin to create their own webquests and QR codes!

Here is how it works...
Step 1: Choose a specific topic, such as a person or social studies topic.  I have found that people work really well.  Certain topics in history are a great choice as well.  Science topics would be excellent as well as online stories for ELA.

Step 2: Find a student-friendly website about your topic/story.  I like Duckster's  for social studies topics.  If it is just for your class, you could use an online encyclopedia site that your district has purchased licenses for students.

Step 3:  Read the article and write your questions using Word or Google Docs. Don't forget to consider some higher level questioning such as analyzing and inferencing types.

Step 4: Copy the web address from your browser and you will paste it when you make the QR code. I like this QR Code Generator page...it's simple and free. You simply paste your web address into the area that says, "Website URL".  Click on "Create QR Code" and BOOM, it appears to the right of the screen.  Download it and save the image.

Step 4: Copy/Paste or insert your QR code onto your question page. Make sure your iPads or devices have a QR reader app downloaded. (see step 5)

Step 5:  You now have a great set of your own questions ready to run off for a station. All you need are your students to be trained on how to scan a QR code, and it's very simple. I like the i-nigma QR scanner app because it's simple, free, and it works great.

Ok- so you may not have time to do that - so here are a couple of ready-to-go sets of Webquests for social studies.  These are geared for third grade, but second graders can do this, and I have fourth grade teachers who have used them as well. Since I teach GT first and second graders, I have no doubt they could handle these webquests with a little training. 

This set includes: Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, The American Flag, The Turtle, and Boston, Massachusetts.

This Mini-Biography Webquests set includes: Ben Franklin, George Washington, Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman, and Alexander Graham Bell.
Note: Liberty's Kids is not supported by PBS Kids any longer.  The QR codes in my products still work, but don't look like they have the Liberty's Kids full site.  I did find the site, and it was a different web address.  Here is the site where I located the original information I used for several of my quests. http://dhxretro.jp/arch_who.html

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