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Target Finds

My tradition on this blog is to share my yearly Target finds each summer.  This summer may require two posts because they don't have their entire teacher aisle stocked.  Why blog about school supplies and teacher stuff?  Because I love school supplies and teacher stuff.  :D   Here are my favorites from today!


These happen to be the best pens around...hands down...for $3.50.  I use these constantly.  When was the last time you actually ran out of ink in an ordinary Bic pen?  I go through these down to the last drop of ink on a regular basis.  I especially use the blue and black, but the hot pink, purple, and light blue are great for taking notes at a boring professional development.  My love of school supplies comes on strong when I see these.  Cristal is your KEY word with you are looking for these.  They are medium point, so if you like fine point, they have those to, but they don't hold a candle to these.  Get em. 


These pencils aren't really second to the Cristal pens...they just happen to be second in my list.  They are numero uno in the great pencil competition that I have held in my mind.  Yes, it's Ticonderoga all the way for kids.  I don't really like for my students to use mechanical pencils.  They break constantly, kids are always messing with the extra lead, and they cause more trouble than they're worth.  However, if I worked at a swanky private school where parents could buy whatever their kids need, I'd have them get these. They are superior to all mechanical pencils.  Just as I love a medium ball point pen, I love these "fatty, fatty, 2x4" pencils.  They are triangular, so that part is super comfy.  The lead is the key here.  This lead does not break with regular use.  It's hefty and writes like a medium ink pen (but in pencil :) Get them.  They are worth every penny...and you get eight of them for about $3.50.  

Let me also suggest that if you teach any sort of professional development or host a meeting in your room, grab some of these for your friends in attendance. They make special gifts - because we all love cool supplies!    


My next find is a bunch of cute cards.  The Thank You card is HUGE.  It has a huge envelope!  This was $1!!!  I thought it would be awesome for a thank you to a group or from a group at school. I also bought another one for an unknown occasion that says "Get It Girl!"  So cute.  I keep small note cards on hand all of the time.  These little round ones for $1 (8 in a pack) are so cute.  There's a little foil edge and cute colors.  I know I'll use them.  


This pack of paper and dividers will come in handy for meetings.  The pages all say the same thing and are 3-hole punched for the binder.  I thought they would be cute to take notes during PLCs, etc...  There are 3 dividers included with the paper to divide up your notes.  The notebook and the paper/dividers were $3 each!  Super cute colors.  

These cute file folders are always part of my professional developments as a "gift".  I usually have smaller groups at my own campus, so it's not too expensive.  I couldn't do it if I had a ton of people.   These are nice to have for special files you use all  the time.  I like to give them away to give my friends to provide a place to put the papers they get at my pd.  The colors this year are really cute.  

This is the beginning of their flashcard/activity book section.  It's not completely different from last year.  I am on the lookout for a box of cards called "Good Questions."  It is an amazing set of critical thinking questions that I picked up last year for $1, not really knowing how great they were.   I do like the basic flash cards, especially the states and space cards.   They can be used for stations or reports, etc...

That's all I have found so far.  I will update as Target puts out more.  It's still early, and July should be much more entertaining!!!  


  1. Wah, my Target never has goodies like these! So want those Bic pens... great colors! I've been scouting out Wal-mart watching for the Ink Joy pen sets. My Wal-mart had the sets for a buck last year... just love me colored pens! Now, how about colored looseleaf paper? Another passion of mine! LOL!

    Happy School Supply Shopping!

  2. Oh I'm sorry to hear that. There's something about the ink in these pens. I'm obsessed. Oh yes, girl, colored notebook paper! If only I could find some.


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